Cleaning and washing

MEDILINK Ltd. cooperates with Ecolab, a company which was founded in 1923 and now is a global group that offers solutions in the field of hygiene for manufacturing, science and health protection. Our solutions ensure balance and stability between the strict requirements for the prevention of nosocomial infections and the safety of employees, patients and materials in all healthcare institutions.

In 2017, Ecolab Inc. acquired Laboratoires Anios, a France-based manufacturer of disinfectants. Founded in 1898, Anios is one of the leading manufacturers of healthcare hygiene and disinfectant products.

The ANIOSAFE charter is a logo that guarantees that the product meets the reliability criteria based on the three core values of the management system, which are:

  2. SAFETY;

At every stage of an ANIOS product life cycle, the ANIOSAFE charter demands protection of the environment and eco-design in the manufacture of our products. Similarly, the charter “r” includes units of measure that control the effects on humans.

In the field of healthcare, Anios focuses its research and development on the fight against nosocomial infections in hospitals and clinics in order to protect healthcare professionals.

We offer:

  1. Disinfectants for skin and mucous membranes;
  2. Agents for washing, disinfection and sterilisation of medical instruments for manual treatment;
  3. Medical instruments treatment agents for washing machines;
  4. Detergents and disinfectants for surfaces, fast-acting surface disinfectants;
  5. Specialised agents for dentistry;
  6. Dosing devices and equipment.

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Dainida Lavendele

Sales representative