Environmental monitoring systems

MEDILINK Ltd. cooperates with the manufacturer T&D, which, due to its experience and innovation, is the leader in the word data recording systems industry. The solutions offered include meeting customers’ demands for access to data anywhere and at any time. To reflect T&D’s commitment to the customer – the data compiled by the manufacturer’s first data carrier can also be read today using T&D software.

The T&D data recording systems based on wireless and LAN or mobile networks, as well as the introduction of the free and unlimited cloud computing network T&D WebStorage Service are a clear example of the commitment to staying in the lead. Using a variety of models and connectivity options, T&D devices meet almost any measurement needs.

At present, T&D has more than 80 distributors worldwide, with headquarters in both North America and Europe. These data registration devices are used in almost all types of industry. Boeing, Sony, the Smithsonian Institute, Intel, Siemens and Home Depot rely on them. There are many suppliers of data registration devices in the modern world, but none of them has the experience and credibility that T&D has earned in twenty years.