Electrocardiographic equipment

EDAN offers electrocardiograph systems of all types and capabilities, adapting to different needs even in the most demanding cardiology departments – ranging from 18-lead workstations, professional PC-based workstations to innovative tablet-based ECG systems.

We offer:

  • Solutions for stress testing;
  • Holters;
  • Wireless solutions;
  • ECG workstations.

SE – 301 Three-channel electrocardiograph

Intended for those who aim at mobility without compromise in clinical performance. Due to very the compact and light design you can take the equipment anywhere. Built-in WiFi provides two-way connectivity to the SE-151 Data Management System.

  • Very compact and lightweight design;
  • 5” high-resolution colour touch screen;
  • Simultaneous processing of 12-leads;
  • Supports linear and barcode scanners;
  • SEMIP interpretation tested with authoritative CSE/AHA/MIT databases;
  • Colour-coded signal quality indicator;
  • 800 ECD records storage capacity;
  • Supports external USB drive and micro SD card storage;
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery;
  • Supports laser printers via USB.

In addition, it can be equipped with:

  • PC-based data management software (SE-151 Data Management System);
  • Glasgow ECG interpretation;
  • SIM card for data transfer.

SE-1515 Workstation

Connects devices and higher level systems, including management of ECG messages and assignment of patient workstation lists. Several remote users can sign in with the assigned IDs and respective institutions.

  • Intuitive software and user-friendly design;
  • Resting ECG/Stress ECG/Holter ECG Message Management;
  • Many formats of messages: PDF/XML/SCP/DICOM;
  • User-defined message structure;
  • Massive data sharing and processing structure;
  • Electronic signature on the ECG report;
  • Data backup and restore;
  • Time synchronisation of ECG devices.

SE-1202 Twelve-channel ECG

Streamlined workflow and intuitive tools help professionals make quick and accurate diagnoses. A built-in two-way DICOM communication module SE-1202 provides uninterrupted connectivity to ensure a more enjoyable user experience.

  • 10” high-resolution colour touch screen;
  • Glass touch-sensitive panel supports cleaning with liquids;
  • 80000Hz sampling rate for the determination of the cardiac pacemaker;
  • Colour-coded signal quality indicator;
  • Up to 30 minutes of cardiogram record, which allows the specialist to view and select the best typical waveform for analysis and printing;
  • The wireless option allows to send messages to EMR/HID/PACs at any time;
  • An authoritative Glasgow algorithm ensures a reliable diagnosis;
  • 1000 ECG record storage capacity;
  • Extended printing when arrhythmias are detected;
  • Supports laser printers via USB port.

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