TipStim – rehabilitation of sensorimotor abilities

Patients with reduced sensory function in their fingertips caused by brain damage have very limited possibilities for rehabilitation. This is why TipStim was created. Stimulation of fingertips with electric impulses contributes to the restoration of the sensory function. In addition, the device is equipped with the TENS programme extending its range of functions.

The principle of TipStim is to activate damaged brain areas and intact surrounding area, using electricity to strengthen the transmission and processing of impulses. Stimulation is not continuous, but intermittent with stimulation and pause times, the duration of which changes during 1hour long therapy session.
Although the main objective of TipStim is to restore finger sensitivity, it also restores the motor function, albeit to a lesser extent.

TipStim components:


  • For each hand;
  • Available in four sizes;
  • Pads made of electrically conductive textile fibres woven in the place of electrodes;
  • Soft material that is pleasant to touch;
  • Durable.

Impulse sensor

  • Simple use;
  • No active patient involvement is required for treatment;
  • 2 programmes: sensorimotor rehabilitation and TENS;
  • Compact size.

Bimeo – Intuitive and pleasant hand and arm rehabilitation

The Slovenian technology originated in the rehabilitation institute at the Soča University, where the Bimeo system has been developed in cooperation with the robotics laboratory of the University of Ljubljana for 20 years. A multi-dimensional, patient-oriented solution for upper extremities' motor function disorders was created combining state-of-the-art motion rehabilitation techniques – assisting robots and motion-control cameras. Currently, patients regain control over their hands and arms using Bimeo in more than 15 countries on 3 continents.

The key to Bimeo’s success are the patients themselves. Interactive therapy is exciting even for the least motivated individuals. In turn, 5 sensors provide professionals with detailed information on the nature of the movements and the therapy progress over time.

Benefits of choosing Bimeo:

  • Patients get involved in rehabilitation willingly;
  • Maximum use of the short therapy time;
  • Widely adaptable;
  • Variety of scenarios;
  • Objective measurements of movements;
  • Easy to move;
  • A research-based method.

NOVAFON – acoustic wave local vibrotherapy.

Vibration has been used effectively in medicine since ancient times. Long-term studies prove that, at different frequencies, its action in living organisms promotes healing and restorative processes. Novafon is a state-of-the-art approach to vibrotherapy that is adaptable to each patient and indication.

Locally, vibration is used:

  1. To relieve pain
    According to the gate control theory, vibration inhibits the intensity of pain impulses. This means that the Novafon device serves as a non-medicated natural alternative in pain management.
  2. For muscle tone regulation
    Due to the tonic vibration reflex effect, the 100 Hz frequency mode is applied to the relaxed muscle, causing its contraction. The 50 Hz frequency mode, in turn, is used in case of hypertension to relax the muscle.
  3. Stimulation of metabolism
    Vibration-induced muscle contractions and deep stimulation improve blood circulation. Local regulation mechanisms of blood vessels and tissues are reinforced. Stimulated tissues experience better blood supply and stimulated metabolism, accelerated excretion of metabolic end products.
  4. For improvement of sensitivity
    Nerve damage may result in sensory disturbances in the form of numbness or tingling. Local vibration in the nerves enhances the transmission of impulses to the brain. It affects both deep and superficial sensation and is therefore used in case of peripheral neuropathy and denial syndrome.

4 main benefits of Novafon:

  • Simple use;
  • Efficiency;
  • Various uses;
  • Convenient size.


  • Physiotherapy;
  • Ergotherapy;
  • Audiology and speech therapy.